Day 77 6/1 keto diet 1/29/2016

No weight loss since yesterday. The wife and I went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens last night and I ate a large popcorn. So no surprise with no weight loss. Today I really tried to stay in a calorie count and really hit the gym hard.


Breakfast 3 eggs

Snack creamed chip beef on toast ( not really good snack

Lunch tuna and olive oil

snack oatmeal and sugar, whey protein and butterfinger bar

dinner enchilidas from apple bees

I went to they gym afterwork did 45 minutes of arms and abs. Then did 45 minutes of slow cardio.

Day 76 6/1 keto diet 1/28/2016

To me the ketogenic diet, can be stressful. Day in and day out, trying to maintain proper macro count and calorie. Then crashing the diet on the carb load during the weekend because your body is really not use to carb or it is carb sensitive. I have been stuck in this weight range for like 4 weeks now, it goes down it goes up. I am just hoping one of these weekend I completely stay on track.


Breakfast  3 eggs

Snack peanuts

Lunch canned tuna and olive oil

snack whey and olive oil

dinner chicken breast and guacamole

Day 75 6/1 keto diet 1/27/2016

Today and this week over all has been good so far. The weight loss is back going again and strongIMG_20160127_064411

Even after 75 days, I still don’t think I have this weight loss totally under control. I am still trying to constantly keep my macro in the correct area. I realized anything of over 60% of your calories being healthy fats, you are in a good weight loss zone as long as your calories are in check too. This really turns into complete mind game and I think it is a must to have an app on your phone like my fitness pal.

Breakfast 4 eggs

Snack peanuts

Lunch 8 ounces of tuna and 3 tablespoons of olive oil

snack whey protein and olive

dinner 7 ounces of salmon and wholly guacamole

Calories 2,169 Carbs 33, Fat 148 , Protein 181

I also went to the gym and did 40-45 minutes of cardio

Day 74 6/1 keto diet 1/26/2016

Well little slow I was hoping more than this kind of weight loss.


Above are my macros for the day which equates to 2,145 calories. I had 3 eggs for breakfast, then mid morning snack of peanuts. For lunch I had tuna and olive oil. I drank an afternoon protein shake with whey protein. I also had  preworkout prior to going to the gym. I went to the gym, did legs, shoulders and cardio. It was split into 45 minutes of lifting and 45 minutes of slow cardio on treadmill. My treadmill was reading 871 calories burned for walking at an incline. For dinner I had, 8 ounces of chicken, 1 cup of sauerkraut, 1 tbsp of olive and 2 100 calorie packs of wholly guacamole.

Day 73 6/1 keto diet 1/25/2016

Well the diet is working again despite last week, my excitement is back, and still aiming for 190-210lb weight range which is very doable.


Breakfast 3 eggs, mid morning snack of peanuts. Lunch was tuna and olive oil, still haven’t gotten sick of this and 8 ounces of tuna keeps me full. I had whey protein shake with olive oil in the afternoon. For dinner I ate some left over chili and some more guacamole.

DAY 72 6/1 KETO 1/24/2016

Well see below the damage of dumping a whole lot of carbohydrates back into your system for a week straight.


For breakfast I had 3 eggs and some catfish. Lunch was tuna and olive oil. Dinner I had salmon and 2 individual packs of Wholly Guacamole, this stuff is great. I feel great about restart and am being positive I will see results again like the last 70 days.

Day 71 6/1 keto diet 1/23/2016

Well I am definitely enjoying my week of eating carbs. Its still snowing outside I am enjoying chocolate chip pancakes.Also on the menu for today is popcorn, more chili, some hummus and pita chips. Ill be back full swing ready to cycle tomorrow.

Day 70 6/1 keto diet 1/22/2016

No weight loss from yesterday I am still considering this the rebuild at week 8. The point of this is to completely restore glycogen and start the process over. Seven days of healthy carbohydrates, then back to cycling in and out of ketosis. I am still nearing the 20lbs mark, aiming for the next two weeks to get down there. This diet is really test of will power and self control. Right now considering things, snow is falling, pot of chili is done and I got a bottle of Kraken. Expect more weight loss news in the coming weeks.

Day 69 6/1 keto diet 1/21/2016

I feel I have really fallen off the weight loss wagon this week for some reason. My hunger is up, my weight loss has slowed due to me not falling my calorie count and macro count.


I think I will consider this a rebuild week.My buddy that introduce me to this suggest I due this every 8 weeks to rebuild glycogen in the body so I will consider this that a complete rebuild week.