Day 407 to Day 440 6/1 keto diet 12/13/2016- 1/14/2017

Well it has been a really long time since I have post on m keto diet. As of 1/14/2017,  I feel my knee is rested enough to start heading back to the gym in full swing again. These past couple months, I have put on some weight. It is only twenty pounds, but to me that is a lot. In the upcoming weeks I hope to lose some of the weight I had gained. I am still aiming to get down below two hundred pounds. It will be slow going back on to the keto diet to say the least. My wife is in full support so that is really good.  Over the holidays I tried to watch what I ate and still enjoy some foods I rarely touched. After, this week, keto will be back in full swing and hopefully my progress will be back too.
Canyon Chicken Chili

Starting new on my keto blog for the New Year, I will change some things. Instead of blogging daily I will update weekly. To simply put it, I just do not have the time to update my blog daily. So starting with the next blog, I will be updating every seven days. It will be full of daily weigh in pictures and probably my daily diet. These first few weeks will be slow starting. I am hoping by March I will be back in full swing.

To end today’s keto blog I need to mention e-vitamins. I recently ordered from them. They have excellent customer service. Their prices were very reasonable compared all other internet supplement companies. Despite me ordering during the holidays, everything I ordered shipped within a reasonable time. I even got email status updates on my order. I will be ordering from them in the future as well. So if you need some supplements check them out.

3 thoughts on “Day 407 to Day 440 6/1 keto diet 12/13/2016- 1/14/2017

  1. Hello, I saw your wife’s post on G+. I read your blog and decided to write.

    I did the Dukan which is basically like keto before the holidays. I was flying high and lost 47. 8 pounds.
    It was so easy and I was barely hungry.
    I looked at carbs and sugar like poison.
    I was sooooo strong.

    Then, the holidays. I started introducing things here and there… Telling myself it was OK because I was strong and I get back on.
    I was going to start when I returned to work which was Jan 9 and I have had a keto day. I’m very disappointed myself and I think I gained back 20 pounds although I didn’t weigh myself… It’s very depressing.
    But, I have confidence. And I want to share with you that I totally believe in this way of life. For me… I know that carbs and sugar are toxic for me. I have to get back in the groove of things but it will come and I encourage you to get into ketosis and the rest will follow.

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