Day 728 ketogenic diet update 10/29/2017

It is the start of another ketogenic diet week. I am eager to see how much more fat loss, I will see through this week. Although just because you are on this diet does not mean you cannot enjoy your food. Like today, my wife made a paleo brownies. My wife these a while I could not tell the difference. Here is a link to elanaspantry this is where you can find the recipe. Like I said, you can enjoy the ketogenic diet you just need to find the recipes and take the time. I have seen recipes for ketogenic pancakes, and tortillas among other things. You just need to go out and look for them. Once you are the ketogenic diet, you need to have a mix of things just so you do not get bored. You can not tell the difference for these brownies to other ones.


For breakfast, I had three eggs and 3.5 ounces of duck. We went to the gym and I did another 1000 rep workout this time on shoulders. This time I did 10 exercises 5 sets of 20. After that, we had lunch 6 ounces of chicken and 100 grams of guacamole. Then we enjoyed football games in the afternoon. We made homemade baked garlic parmesan wings. We had some shrimp with this. I ate probably 10 wings. My total calories for today were around 1900, 11 grams of carbs, 115 grams of fat and close to 200 grams of protein. As stated early my wife made paleo brownies as well, realistically I picked up more healthy fat from the coconut oil. If you mix things up the ketogenic diet can be very fulfilling.  Body Spartan is the reason I decided to start doing these 1000 rep workouts. They really have there workouts figured out for your optimum performance.  So please check them out.



Day 727 ketogenic diet update 10/28/2017

Well as expected after carb loading I up just slightly in weight. This day is one that always worries me on the ketogenic diet. While I look for the Friday carb load, it is always in the back of my mind. This day is one of constant questioning. Some Saturdays I dread getting on the scale. Most of the time it is knowing that night before I did not carb load by just overate. On a ketogenic diet, this completely ruins the previous week most of the time. This diet, at least to me is all about counting the calorie and the macros. I just using my fitness pal app to figure what you need as far as calories for weight loss. You can go from there to determine your fats, carbs, and protein to run the correct ketogenic proportions. The app is free and extremely easy to use.


Today was another great day at the gym. I think I could have done better on what I chose to eat while out at dinner. Since this is carb day, I started off with 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of almond butter. Then we hit the gym. Today was a 1000 rep back day. To break down, in short, I picked 10 exercises and did 5 sets of 20. One of these days, I will start uploading videos or explaining which exercises I picked. After that we had lunch, I had a ranch cobb salad from Walmart. We ended up going out to dinner to Ruby Tuesdays.  I add an Asiago Steak, rice pilaf, broccoli and the garden bar. I think I was fine until I did the garden bar. It is always difficult to determine calories from that. I am going to estimate my calories at 2400 for today. Higher than I would like it.



Day 726 ketogenic diet update 10/27/2017

It has been a while since I have reached a Friday on the ketogenic diet.  I woke with some apprehension wondering how the week would end on the scale. After finally getting on the scale, I was happy to see a little more weight had been dropped. Now the only thing on my mind was to not let my carb load in the afternoon ruin that. For some reason, some weekend simply kills my diet, as soon as I eat any carbs. I have learned the ketogenic diet is very delicate if you are using a 24 hour period during the week to carb load. The carb loading is replenishing your cells and give you something to use to lift the weight. Speaking of weight lifting, I am finally going back to the gym after knee surgery. Today, I did a 500 rep biceps and triceps workout total reps of one thousand.

I will talk about that in a little bit. As far as diet today, I had three eggs for breakfast. In the mid-morning, I had a protein shake with one tablespoon of olive oil.  For lunch, I had 4 ounces of baked chicken thighs and 100 grams of guacamole. In the afternoon I had a protein shake followed by another shake of two scoops of carb 10. Dinner, I had a salad with some bake duck. After dinner, I went to the gym. This is where I decided to do a 500 rep bicep and 500 rep tricep workout. Body Spartan had shown me this a while ago. I thought to myself what a way to wake my body up since I had been down for knee surgery. Here is what I did, I did 5 bicep exercise for 5 sets of 20 reps and then I did 5 tricep exercises for 5 set of 20 reps.

This really blasted my arms and felt great. I think it woke all the muscles back up in my arms. After that I came home and watch a movie with my wife and ate popcorn butter. I am estimating my calories to be at 2400 for the day. I think it was successful week doing the ketogenic diet.


Day 725 ketogenic diet update 10/26/2017

I have reached day 5 on my ketogenic diet reboot. During this diet, I always look forward to Fridays though. They are one of the days during the week where I can eat carbohydrates. Like I have talked about in the past, the diet is difficult for some to get used too.  Some people think depleting your system of carbohydrates would cause drastic health problems. For a healthy individual, it is completely normal to try the ketogenic diet.  I would recommend talking to a physician prior to trying any kind of diet.  I know the ketogenic diet would be extremely dangerous for a diabetic, do to ketoacidosis. This blog is just me talking about my own personal experiences on a high-fat diet.  This diet may or may not work for you. Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss or weight gain.

As expected, I have lost a little bit more weight since yesterday.  I always get excited get on the scale every morning. You really get an understanding of how the diet works after a while. For breakfast today I stuck with three eggs with 1/4 cup of cheese. I had a mid-morning snack of a scoop of whey protein and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around, I had six ounces of chicken and 100 grams of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. When dinner came around I had 8 ounces of tilapia and broccoli. I also some siracha sauce with the fish. This added some extra fat since the sauce was canola-based mayonnaise which is a lot healthier other mayonnaise. My total calories for the day were about 1650. Remember a ketogenic diet is based on the healthy fat intake with extremely low carbs.  I look forward to tomorrow.

Day 724 ketogenic diet update 10/25/2017

The weight continues slowly come off of me this week. Today is day four of my ketogenic diet reboot. Let me recap what the ketogenic diet actually is to start. This diet is high-fat low carb moderate protein diet.  To be consistent on a ketogenic diet, 60 to 70 percent of your daily caloric calories need to be from healthy fats.  I am not talking about eating pounds of bacon like an Atkins diet suggests. The diet I am talking about concentrates on omega 3 healthy fats like from salmon, avocado, and nuts. Like most diet everything is in moderation. I still continue count calories every day. For this diet to work, the macros are the most important part. 60-70 percent healthy fats, 50 net carbohydrates a day and moderate protein. I will talk about net carbs another day and explain how that works.


Like I said the weight slowly starts to come off once you cut the carbs out your diet.  Every week on the ketogenic diet it really amazes me, how my body reacts to the lack of carbohydrates. Today for breakfast I had three eggs and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese. Then I had my normal morning snack of one scoop of weigh from MTS and tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around I had 6 ounces of chicken and 100 grams guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of whey protein and a tablespoon of olive oil. For dinner, I had lettuce wraps with ground turkey and also had some peanuts as a snack.  My total calories for the day were 1579, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 99 grams of fat and 151 grams of protein. Broken down even further, breakfast was 310 calories, lunch was 270 calories, both snacks together were 544 calories and dinner was 455 calories. The ketogenic diet is all about calories and counting the macros every day.


Day 723 keto diet update 10/24/2017

It is Tuesday and day three of myself getting back onto the keto bandwagon. With no surprise, I have dropped some more weight. I seem to be readjusting to eating a high-fat diet quite well. I did try to watch my weight even when I was not doing keto. Most of the time while off keto, my diet was moderate calorie to maintain my weight.  I have never been a big carb eater or someone that likes high sugary type foods.


For breakfast, I started out with three eggs and 1/4 cup of Mexican cheese. I had a snack of a protein shake with a tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around and I had  4 ounces of chicken with 105 grams of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of whey protein and olive oil. In the evening for dinner, I had a chicken quarter, broccoli and some peanuts. By the end of the day, I had eaten 1700 calories. It was broken down to 38 grams of carbs, 111 grams of fat and 145 grams of protein.  One thing, I would like to add is how much water I have been drinking. You really need to keep your water intake up while one a keto diet.  This will help a lot of when it comes to becoming used to not having the carbs there.


I want to end this update by talking about two great keto related sites. At the top of the page, is Body Spartan and these guys are great. Now that I am able to get back to the gym I will be ordering their 12-week shred program to see how it effects. KetoFast is the great product, this helps you jumped into the keto process. I would highly suggest it to beginners trying keto out. Both these companies, I will be trying these products out and give you feedback.

Day 722 keto diet update 10/23/2017

Well, I have survived through day 2 of my keto reboot. As expected I have started to drop weight already. This could be just water loss do the fact I was bloated from the weekend. I am not going to get too excited as this is only day two.  It is still a very far away from my goal weight 180 pounds. At some point, I may see the light at the end of the tunnel within the next couple months. On top of the weight loss, I must also remind you that I am still rehabbing my right knee. I know I have at least another three months of this until I can be 100 percent or as close to that as possible.  That seems like it is even further away because of how long I have been dealing with this injury.

For breakfast, I had three eggs with 1/4 cup of cheese. Then for lunch, I had 4 ounces of chicken thighs and about 105 grams of guacamole. I had two snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These consisted of one scoop of protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. Dinner came around I had 8 ounces of tilapia and some chickpeas that were sauteed in olive oil. I also had some rotisserie chicken. My calories were 1864, 35 carbohydrates, 111 grams of fat and 174 grams of protein.


If you are looking help with keto weightlifting exercise you can check out Body Spartan.  Gabe Huft is the owner of this fantastic product. He is a former WWE wrestler and he is peak physical condition. If you check out Body Spartan you will find that all kinds of individuals have joined for healthy lifestyle changes. They help build programs around keto too.  If you are looking to see dramatic changes for the better of your life check the link out.






Day 721 keto diet update 10/22/2017

Well, it has been way too long since I have actually written an update to this keto blog. I figured better late than never at this point. For those of you following my updates, my last couple was kind of big. To recap I had knee surgery 7/28. The Doctor found the knee was a lot worse then than expected. I was homebound for six weeks, which was not fun.  At one point I was down to 206 since then I have gone back to 228. This is still a long way from my goal weight of 180 pounds. After seeing 228, I decided that I had to go back onto keto and be committed more than ever. I need to drop the weight for my joint health of my knee. So now it is a complete lifestyle change to get me into shape. The more weight I get off the joint the better.

For breakfast, I had three eggs and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese. Then my wife and I went to the gym followed by walking on a local trail for about four miles. After that we had lunch, it was salad which consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower, and a piece of salmon. I added three tablespoons of olive oil and three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar instead of regular salad dressing. This is a lot healthier than standard dressings. Sometime in the afternoon, I had a snack of one scoop of mts strawberry cheesecake protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. My total calories for the day were 1428, 50 grams of carbs, 101 grams of fat and 92 grams of protein.

When it comes to keto check out Body Spartan these guys have a complete system for it. They have a complete workout routine for this specific lifestyle. Body Spartan, have multiple workouts, supplements, and online help. Now that I can go back to the gym, I plan on using their workout plans. Some of these workouts are insane, 1000 rep workouts per body part. I was able to do a 500 rep chest workout today, wow that hurt.