Who am I?


Keto Iamboredguy

Hi everyone! My name is Luke. I had a friend that introduced me to keto cycling diet. Now I am determined to get down to an ideal weight using Ketosis, please join me on my journey.  I am an Aircraft Engineer by day that is aspiring to do something good for others at night. I am also a gym rat night. I also enjoy backpacking,  flying, and fishing or anything outdoors . Prior to starting this lifestyle and or  diet, I did a lot of online studies to determine if it was safe. I have been involved with sports since I was very young. I started weight lifting when I was 11 years old, I really have enjoyed that for the past 20 plus years. I’ll be sharing supplement reviews on here and my YouTube videos. I will be posting daily progress updates, as well as some of my other interests; flying, backpacking and other life adventures! I received my private pilot license in 2003 and have accrued a couple hundred hours of flight time. I will talk about some of my flying experience in here as well, this is my other passion besides weight lifting. I have also backpacked in many different states and I have a lot to talk about while my time with friends and by myself with a backpack. Being alone in the wilderness really makes you realize alot of different things that we take for granted on daily basis.  Well I hope I have your attention with this little introduction. I really look forward to seeing what I can do with this blog and maybe get other people interested in some other hobbies like I have. I would to thank you for visiting and you are more then welcome to subscribe.

Update 2/23/2016

Well followers this was my big update I was talking about, I am now a certified personal trainer.