Site affiliates

Site affiliates

When it comes self hosting websites, many of use different site affiliates for certain things. Theses affiliates links can do a wide variety for the site. You can use them to promote products or merchandise you use. The plus side eventually you can make commission with these as well. My main point of the blog is to help others with weight loss, but if I can pick up some spare money along the way why not. One of my site affiliates is who I am self hosting through and that is blue host. They are great if my domain is running slow they have online chat and are willing to right away. Another great think is if someone signs up for a domain through a link of mine I get commission.

Viglink is another affiliate I am associated with, they embedded links into words and send people to certain merchants. The best part of viglink is it is absolutely free to sign up, it cost nothing. The setup on your site is even easier, so why sign up today.
VigLink banner

Chitika is another affiliate of mine, for this site. It is very similar to the google adsense, some people use it as a google adsense alternative. Guess what this one is also free to sign up for as well. No weird questions or anything. It is completely hassle free. So why not sign for this.

ShareAsale is another one I am associated with. I just joined a few weeks. Your literally go in and pick which merchants you want to advertise in certain areas.This one is also completely free as well. You make commission for getting others to join on this one. Oh wait did I say it was free. So feel free to join if you want to start picking merchants for your site and earning money.

I am also associated with Google Adsense, which is another great platform it self. As long as you stay within the guidelines of all of these you are your way to making some money online. The key is it just takes time, patience and perseverance.