On this separate area of my website I will be talking about supplements. I will talk about which ones I take and give reviews as needed. I will talk about the importance of taking certain supplements compared to others that to me don’t seem as useful. I think supplements are an important part of health and fitness overall. Most importantly for myself doing a keto cycling diet these supplements can only benefit my over fitness. Just common vitamins and minerals can help you out a lot. Like for example vitamin C helps your body fight off colds. Vitamin D or should I say lack of vitamin D can cause brittle bones and early onset of some diseases. Me personally I notice a difference when I have taken the supplement the same goes for if I did not. When I get sick I tend to overload myself with vitamin C like mentioned above. Another example is if you are having a really bad day at work and just don’t feel like going to the gym because of lack of drive or energy. This is why they have pre-workout shakes, to give you that last bit of boost to make it through that gym workout. When it comes to dieting specifically keto, meal replacement needs to be an option and this where the protein shakes come in. These give you protein that foods would end up killing your caloric count for the day. Remember your body can only consume 20 to 40 grams of protein every 3 to 5 hours.

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