Cellucor C4 Review

Many of us have heard of pre-workouts but do they really work? I am here to tell you, I know of  one that definitely does and that is Cellucor C4.I have been taking C4 for about a week or so, now. Within twenty minutes of taking this I can tell a difference. I feel more alert and just pumped up. Its load with vitamins and minerals. Cellucor has really come up with a great mix, to create one of the best pre-workouts out their. As soon I hit the gym after taking it, all I want to do is workout. The past couple days I have taken it, I have had the best gym workouts in a long time. I feel mentally awake and just an overall better drive to push through that last rep or stay on the cardio for ten more minutes all thanks to C4. So if you have chance try some out. IMG_20151218_124950 IMG_20151218_124959

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