Keto MTS Apple Pie Whey review


Apple Pie Whey Protein for keto


Over the past couple months on this keto diet, I have been trying different supplements. Tiger Fitness though has gone above and beyond for whey protein. Most supplements only have chocolate, vanilla and maybe a fruit flavored one. Tiger Fitness is quiet the opposite of that, they have at least ten different flavors of whey protein to try. This weeks flavor I am reviewing is there Apple Pie flavor. I was skeptical at first on a company actually putting an apple pie flavored protein out in the market. I decided to give it a try and ordered it. When it arrived, I opened the container just to see if I actually smelled apples. To my surprise it smelled like someone had literally packed fresh apples in the whey container. The next day I packed one scoop in my shaker and one scoop in a container for later that day.  When my morning snack finally came around, I could not wait to taste it. To my surprise, apple pie whey protein really tasted like apple pie. It had a very light and fluffy taste to it. Like Tiger Fitness other whey proteins, it mixed really well and there was not any clumping. The taste was extremely smooth and delicious. On top of the great taste, it has just the right amount of protein. On a keto diet we all want know to watch our carbohydrate intake, well this supplement has you covered with only 3 grams per serving. This is definitely another plus of the whey protein. The other pluses include things like low sugar, low calories and lots of amino acids for muscle building. Like I said before, Tiger Fitness, is now my go to place for whey protein. In my opinion they out rank everyone else. If you are ready for a change in whey protein or any supplement I highly suggest them. Please check out my video below.