Day 653 keto Update 8/15/2017

As many of you have read my last post about keto, I am rehabbing my knee for the next couple weeks. I am not actually in keto right now. However I am maintaining a low calorie diet. The thing that really gets me is one day of running caused a pretty bad injury in my knee.  This injury as we all know has greatly affect my diet. With any diet I always think some supplements will only help out.

Recently I was introduced to Body Spartan , this company is fairly new. It was started by retired WWE wrestler Gabe “T-Reks” Tufts. Body Spartan currently has some supplements that will work well on keto diet or any diet for that matter. The team is really focused on helping out their clients to meet their maximum fitness goals. Currently they have an app you can put on phone for shredding. As soon as I am cleared to go back to the gym I plan to use this 12 week shedding program.  Shredding is what everyone wants when they are on a diet anyway. My new goal, for this blog along with weight loss is to get the Body Spartan  name out.

If anyone wants to find more out about this fantastic company please check them out. Body Spartan is the new wave the future for maximum fitness potential. I attached several links through out this blog post about this new up and coming company. If you want to see great improvements with over health please check them out. Another suggestion I have is to look up Gabe “T-Reks” Tufts. This guy is the real deal in when it comes to fitness. Like I said I am really going to make this great company known to everyone.

Day 448 to 454 6/1 keto diet 1/22/2017 to 1/28/2017

This week on keto was unsuccessful to say the least. I have not adjusted yet back to the high fat low carb diet. This is proving more of a challenge then I originally thought. The week started out with me in the mid 220 again. This weight puts me up twenty pounds from 4 months ago. That weight was also before I heart my knee running. Remember, I was training to run a half marathon. I think, I have a plan for the upcoming week to finally get back on the keto diet. To start, I am going to re-adjust my calories back up to 1900. This is where I was at last year when I plateaued. My job was also a desk job at this time last year. The other thing I will do is absolutely stay away from snacking after dinner.

Canyon Chicken Chili

The photos above do show some progress, but I am still not where I want to be. I was hoping to be down around 185 to 195 pounds by now. My thought is, I will have to work harder and eat smarter. My carb loading did not help either as my weight went back up by six pounds. The adjustments, I am going to make for the upcoming week will really help me start losing weight again.The key to weight loss is calories in then calories out.  This week I also made it to the gym all but one day.  Exercise is vital to a keto diet. I am back to lifting weight Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I am slowly getting back into the routine

I used to have before moving jobs and hurting my knee. The only thing really left, is to get the diet really back on track.In the next upcoming week should be interesting and challenging for myself. It will be huge, when I finally do get back on the diet and start losing weight again. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

Day 441 to 447 6/1 keto diet 1/15/2017 to 1/21/2017

Well as promised, I am doing a weekly update for my keto diet. As expected it has been extremely slow getting restarted on my keto diet. This week was very rough to say the least. I started out the week at 226 pounds and saw some weight loss through the rest of the week. Being back on a consistent diet is going to be difficult to re-establish. Through out the day, my diet was perfect. After, dinner I noticed myself snacking on saltines. This obviously means I did not go into keto at all this past week. Sunday started out pretty well, but then led to snacking on crackers. This is going to be extremely difficult for me to get back on. I, am thinking it will be at least another three weeks before I can get back on this diet and start seeing weight loss.

   Caldera Chicken Curry

So, at the end of the week I was down to 219 pounds. This all changed after my carb loading day. I came home extremely hungry on Friday. Instead of going straight to the gym, I went straight to the kitchen. This was a bad idea, I ended up pigging out on pita chips and whatever else I could find in the kitchen. Saturday was not too bad, I actually made it to the gym and had great workout. I was there for almost two hours, lifting and doing cardio. The diet seemed to be okay for a saturday evening but the scale in the morning that day said different about my keto carb loading day.

The keto diet is going more challenging to get back on the diet than starting it over a year ago. With some little adjustments in eating again, I know I can succeed. These next couple weeks will prove to be extremely challenging for myself to get back on track.

Day 405 6/1 keto diet 12/11/2016

I have made it yet another Sunday on keto or for me the beginning of the cycle again. As mentioned before, the holiday time is here. I have been really slacking off when it comes to keep this blog up to date. After the New Year, I promise this will change alot.  I am making a promise to be hitting the diet really hard and keeping this updated everyday as I can. It is also really difficult for me to keep this up just because of what time of the morning I go into work and how many hours I work.  I am up at 445am most morning, and by the time I get home I am dead tired. The other thing is, I just like to zone out after most days as well. If I could become a full time blogger that would be awesome.

For breakfast, I had three eggs, hot sausage, some bacon and some pepper jack cheese. This is a great start to a keto Sunday. As far as the rest of the day, I really tried to fast or eat less. Then dinner came around, I had six ounces of pork tenderloin and salad with ranch dressing. For my diet to work, I need more days like this to be an everyday dieting effect for me.

Day 404 6/1 keto diet 12/10/2016

Well, I guess the holidays are affecting my keto diet blog. I have really been slacking on keeping this blog update. It is the holiday time of the year and there is so much going on with getting ready for them.  To be honest, I have not really made much progress on weight loss. As of right now I think I am waiting until next year to be serious about the keto diet again. I think I deserved to have some fun this time of the year and enjoy eating. I mean who doesn’t enjoy eating way too much during the holidays. I think about it this way, if I can be under 225 starting January 1st, I should have no problem getting to my goal weight by June or even as early as May.  This would definitely be ideal for me, then I can concentrate on maintaining my weight.

For, breakfast I really loaded it up. I had eggs, bacon, sausage and some pepper jack cheese all mixed together. I also had oatmeal with brown sugar.  After that, I was lazy with using my fitness pal app and did not record anything. This really messes up anyone trying to diet like myself.


Day 402 6/1 keto diet 12/8/2016

Well, I am a little shocked today on the keto diet. I have some how dropped a little bit more weight today.  I skipped the gym yesterday and did do some snacking on peanuts. So, I am wondering how I lost the weight from this. The keto diet or any diet, to me makes no sense at all some of the time.  Some days or weeks you can end up losing weight with out any problems while other weeks it is impossible to lose anything at all. Then there is the dreaded word plateau. No, one likes plateauing when trying to lose weight. You get to certain point and have to think do I cut more calories or do I change my workout routine.

Breakfast, I started out with three eggs hard boiled as usual. I had a snack in the morning around 8 am of one scoop banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil. For lunch I had six ounces of chicken thigh meat and one cup of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop of banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Dinner came around, I had six ounces of pork tenderloin and salad with ranch dressing. Today was another off day from the gym as well.

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Day 400 6/1 keto diet 12/6/2016

I do have to say, this is one of my biggest accomplishment on the keto diet to say the least. I have made it to 400 days of dieting and to me this is one heck of an accomplishment. Looking back that far I never thought I would make it to this point. I know it has been a bumpy ride to say the least. This is especially true looking back at the past eight weeks.  I can say I was on the keto diet kind of or at least just trying to maintain my weight. If you would of asked me six months ago if you thought I would make it this far I probably would of said no.

For breakfast, I had three eggs as usual at 5am. I had a mi morning snack of one scoop of banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness and  1 1/2  tablespoons of olive oil.  Lunch came around, I had six ounces of chicken thigh meat and one cup of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness.  For dinner, I had some fish and a salad with ranch dressing. I also went to the gym and did cardio, about thirty minutes on the elliptical. At this point, I am not really sure if my knee is 100% yet. I still think I may need to go see an orthopedist and have it looked at.

The only things, I have been drinking is coffee and water. I may have an occasional diet coke. I really stay away from all the other soft drinks and anything with sugar in it really. There is not a reason to drink anything else besides these. There is an exception if you are drinking tea that is unsweetened.
Canyon Chicken Chili

Day 395 6/1 keto diet 12/1/2016

I am nearing the end of another week on keto. I am surprised to see I have dropped a little bit more weight since yesterday. This weight loss is still despite, the fact that I was snacking on almonds or peanuts after dinner. Snacking is never a good thing this is especially true on diet more specifically a keto diet.  This just slows, your diet way down and causes you to take longer to reach your goals.  So the more self control you have, the better it is for dieting especially a keto diet. So keep in mind when it comes to snacking and dieting.

215.4 keto                 Caldera Chicken Curry

For breakfast, I had three hard boiled eggs again. At times, I wish I did not have to get up so early for work so I could actually cook my self breakfast. In the mid morning, I had a snack of one scoop of banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil. Lunch came around, I had chicken thighs and one cup of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop banana cream pie whey protein from tiger fitness and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil. Today was an off day from the gym. We were both soar from the past two days.

I had talked about pushing yourself to hard. This is why we chose to take off today and just relax for the night. The other good thing is, I have three day weekend. For dinner, I had some chicken legs and a salad. This week was not the best week for keto. I am still struggling with the issue of snacking. I am not expecting anything else for weight loss when it come to tomorrow morning. I need to seriously chill out on all snacking, I do.

Day 389 6/1 keto diet 11/25/2016

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As for today, I have almost a whole coconut cream pie left over to eat. Luckily for me, my really enjoys this type of pie as well. I find it funny I am on a keto diet and discussing pie.  This type of talk and eating will definitely slow my progress down even more. My ultimate dream would be seeing 180 pounds by May or June of 2017. This is really high aspiration for me to even get there that fast.
Canyon Chicken Chili

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Day 382 6/1 keto diet 11/18/2016

To my surprise I did manage to drop a little bit more weight this morning on keto. It is still going extremely slow start. This is still going to be a few weeks to a few months before I actually see significant weight loss. It is even more difficult because of the upcoming holidays. Next week is Thanksgiving and then a month later is Christmas. This time of the year is always hard to lose weight. So people have only one house to go visit relatives others have two three or even four houses.

212.0 keto                           Canyon Chicken Chili

Well today, I did not do to well on keeping my fitness pal up to date. Here, I am a complete week behind on blogging as well. I have not been doing well on keeping up the keto blog. I also realized as stated above, it will be a while before I see significant results. I am expecting to see results in mid spring to early summer. My goal is still 185 pounds, which is still a little bit away. Actually at my current weight it is quite a few pounds away. So the next four to six months will definitely be challenge for my self.

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