Day 737 ketogenic diet update 11/7/2017

So far this week is starting off somewhat good. It is still hard to believe I have had this blog about a ketogenic diet for this long. I hope eventually I reach my goal weight of 180 pounds. The fact that over a year now I have been dealing with a knee injury. I think if this injury would not have happened I would have been further along on my ketogenic diet. It really has been a lot of ups and downs.  My short-term goal as of right now is to get down to 210 pounds by New Years. This is not a drastic amount of weight but really sets me up for 2018. I think 2018 will be the year I see my goal weight or lower.  For now, I aiming to lose 10-15 pounds by the new year. This is a very attainable goal for myself.  Getting the right mindset is the key.

To start off the day I had three eggs with three slices of muenster cheese. I had a snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. For lunch, I had 6 ounces of chicken and 8 tablespoons of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another protein shake with a tablespoon of olive oil.  The afternoon is where the day went south for me. We had a potluck and I think the willpower was not there for me today. I caved in and ate corn muffin. Well, maybe it was two corn muffins. After that, I wondered how the rest of my week would go. Like I said before months ago the ketogenic diet is all about having the correct mindset and counting calories. It is just taking me a little longer this time to get into that mindset. I think willpower is the hardest thing during dieting.

Day 730 ketogenic diet update 10/31/2017

This week on the ketogenic diet is going great so far. I woke up this morning a saw more weight loss. This keeps me positive for the rest of the week. With any diet, you need to be positive and realize there will be good weeks and bad week. This is especially true with a ketogenic diet. If your macros are off a little a bit it can throw your whole week off. The ketogenic diet is 60- 70% fat intake daily. Your carbohydrate should be kept at 50 or less. And the rest you can protein in there to somewhat even the diet out.  The other task of the ketogenic diet if figuring out your caloric intake for the day. The whole saying calories in, calories out works for all diets.  I must reiterate that I am not a dietician or nutritionist. This whole point of this blog is for my experience.

Today I started out with three eggs with 1/4 cup parmesan. I had midmorning snack of one serving whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. For lunch, I had 6 ounces of chicken and 8 tablespoons of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. At dinner time, I through the ketogenic diet off for the week. I went to Boston Market and had half a chicken. I also had sweet potatoes, string beans, and cornbread. This dinner was not well thought out for me at all. I should have just had chicken and nothing else. That would have kept me within ketogenic diet and very close to my calorie intake for the day. I learned today it is better to make your own food and not go out to eat. The ketogenic diet really needs to be followed closely.

Day 726 ketogenic diet update 10/27/2017

It has been a while since I have reached a Friday on the ketogenic diet.  I woke with some apprehension wondering how the week would end on the scale. After finally getting on the scale, I was happy to see a little more weight had been dropped. Now the only thing on my mind was to not let my carb load in the afternoon ruin that. For some reason, some weekend simply kills my diet, as soon as I eat any carbs. I have learned the ketogenic diet is very delicate if you are using a 24 hour period during the week to carb load. The carb loading is replenishing your cells and give you something to use to lift the weight. Speaking of weight lifting, I am finally going back to the gym after knee surgery. Today, I did a 500 rep biceps and triceps workout total reps of one thousand.

I will talk about that in a little bit. As far as diet today, I had three eggs for breakfast. In the mid-morning, I had a protein shake with one tablespoon of olive oil.  For lunch, I had 4 ounces of baked chicken thighs and 100 grams of guacamole. In the afternoon I had a protein shake followed by another shake of two scoops of carb 10. Dinner, I had a salad with some bake duck. After dinner, I went to the gym. This is where I decided to do a 500 rep bicep and 500 rep tricep workout. Body Spartan had shown me this a while ago. I thought to myself what a way to wake my body up since I had been down for knee surgery. Here is what I did, I did 5 bicep exercise for 5 sets of 20 reps and then I did 5 tricep exercises for 5 set of 20 reps.

This really blasted my arms and felt great. I think it woke all the muscles back up in my arms. After that I came home and watch a movie with my wife and ate popcorn butter. I am estimating my calories to be at 2400 for the day. I think it was successful week doing the ketogenic diet.


Day 724 ketogenic diet update 10/25/2017

The weight continues slowly come off of me this week. Today is day four of my ketogenic diet reboot. Let me recap what the ketogenic diet actually is to start. This diet is high-fat low carb moderate protein diet.  To be consistent on a ketogenic diet, 60 to 70 percent of your daily caloric calories need to be from healthy fats.  I am not talking about eating pounds of bacon like an Atkins diet suggests. The diet I am talking about concentrates on omega 3 healthy fats like from salmon, avocado, and nuts. Like most diet everything is in moderation. I still continue count calories every day. For this diet to work, the macros are the most important part. 60-70 percent healthy fats, 50 net carbohydrates a day and moderate protein. I will talk about net carbs another day and explain how that works.


Like I said the weight slowly starts to come off once you cut the carbs out your diet.  Every week on the ketogenic diet it really amazes me, how my body reacts to the lack of carbohydrates. Today for breakfast I had three eggs and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese. Then I had my normal morning snack of one scoop of weigh from MTS and tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around I had 6 ounces of chicken and 100 grams guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of whey protein and a tablespoon of olive oil. For dinner, I had lettuce wraps with ground turkey and also had some peanuts as a snack.  My total calories for the day were 1579, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 99 grams of fat and 151 grams of protein. Broken down even further, breakfast was 310 calories, lunch was 270 calories, both snacks together were 544 calories and dinner was 455 calories. The ketogenic diet is all about calories and counting the macros every day.


Day 722 keto diet update 10/23/2017

Well, I have survived through day 2 of my keto reboot. As expected I have started to drop weight already. This could be just water loss do the fact I was bloated from the weekend. I am not going to get too excited as this is only day two.  It is still a very far away from my goal weight 180 pounds. At some point, I may see the light at the end of the tunnel within the next couple months. On top of the weight loss, I must also remind you that I am still rehabbing my right knee. I know I have at least another three months of this until I can be 100 percent or as close to that as possible.  That seems like it is even further away because of how long I have been dealing with this injury.

For breakfast, I had three eggs with 1/4 cup of cheese. Then for lunch, I had 4 ounces of chicken thighs and about 105 grams of guacamole. I had two snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These consisted of one scoop of protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. Dinner came around I had 8 ounces of tilapia and some chickpeas that were sauteed in olive oil. I also had some rotisserie chicken. My calories were 1864, 35 carbohydrates, 111 grams of fat and 174 grams of protein.


If you are looking help with keto weightlifting exercise you can check out Body Spartan.  Gabe Huft is the owner of this fantastic product. He is a former WWE wrestler and he is peak physical condition. If you check out Body Spartan you will find that all kinds of individuals have joined for healthy lifestyle changes. They help build programs around keto too.  If you are looking to see dramatic changes for the better of your life check the link out.






Day 699 Keto Diet Update

I am going to be rebooting my keto site this week.  The last couple weeks, I have made some good progress. As many of you know I had knee surgery 7/28. As of last Friday, I was able to finally able to start walking without crutches.  Using crutches for 8 weeks is no fun at all. As two days ago I was finally able to start driving again.  Go back a few more weeks and I am in a new position. In my life there has been a lot going on as you can see. With me being able to drive and walk, I figured I can start running my daily update or weekly. Right now this keto site has roughly 5,900 user which is really surprising.  The next couple weeks and months with me rehabbing my knee maybe slow when it comes to weight loss.

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As of right now I am up to 217 from 202. At one point I had gotten back up to 231.  So, I have somehow been able to drop 14 pounds. After hearing news of my knee, my new goal is 180 pounds.

I really think this goal is very attainable. Keto worked last time and now it can work again. It is getting the mindset to be able to do it again, I have to get into to. Weight loss now will really help me when I am older especially when it comes to needing joint repair. My new goal for this keto site is to introduce you to affiliates. This is where you can  get supplements, workout plans and more. In this post, I am sharing with you some of those places I suggest you to get supplements. If you are new to blogging these can also help you out in other ways. Feel free to check out the links at your leisure and stay tuned for more to come.

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Day 653 keto Update 8/15/2017

As many of you have read my last post about keto, I am rehabbing my knee for the next couple weeks. I am not actually in keto right now. However I am maintaining a low calorie diet. The thing that really gets me is one day of running caused a pretty bad injury in my knee.  This injury as we all know has greatly affect my diet. With any diet I always think some supplements will only help out.

Recently I was introduced to Body Spartan , this company is fairly new. It was started by retired WWE wrestler Gabe “T-Reks” Tufts. Body Spartan currently has some supplements that will work well on keto diet or any diet for that matter. The team is really focused on helping out their clients to meet their maximum fitness goals. Currently they have an app you can put on phone for shredding. As soon as I am cleared to go back to the gym I plan to use this 12 week shedding program.  Shredding is what everyone wants when they are on a diet anyway. My new goal, for this blog along with weight loss is to get the Body Spartan  name out.

If anyone wants to find more out about this fantastic company please check them out. Body Spartan is the new wave the future for maximum fitness potential. I attached several links through out this blog post about this new up and coming company. If you want to see great improvements with over health please check them out. Another suggestion I have is to look up Gabe “T-Reks” Tufts. This guy is the real deal in when it comes to fitness. Like I said I am really going to make this great company known to everyone.

Day 647 keto diet update 8/9/2017

It has been a long time since I have posted on my keto dieting. For those of you that have been following me, I had mentioned I had a knee problem. Let me give you an update that is up to date. I decided to seek medical attention back in April. At first we tried 6 weeks of physical therapy that did not work. After this did not work I was referred to surgeon. I had a doctors appointment with the surgeon to discuss possible options and outcomes. At the conclusion of the appointment I had already decided to go with the surgery.

Come forward to July 28th of this year. I had arthroscopic knee surgery. This greatly affect my ability for my keto dieting and exercise. While under, the surgeon just expected to repair my meniscus. He was surprised to see how much cartilage was damaged and floating in my knee. He was able to repair my meniscus with two stitches and cleaned out the floating cartilage. After surgery while I was in recovery he expressed deep concern about all the cartilage issue with in my knee. He compared my knee to someone that was elderly. As of today 8/9, I still have another 2 1/2 weeks of non weight bearing and can not drive a car for another 2 weeks after that.

As of today my keto diet is on hold until, I am able to walk again which is a long recovery.  However, I am still keeping on a low calorie diet so I do not gain anymore weight back then I already did. Before surgery I had gained about 25 pounds back of the 40 I have lost. After I am cleared to walk again I really need to concentrate on getting back on my keto diet and reducing weight drastically. This will prevent me from needing a complete knee replacement for at least 20 years from now. As of now I will try to post weekly about recovery or daily.


Day 462 to 468 6/1 keto diet 2/5/2017 to 2/11/2017

Even for only updating my keto diet blog update once a week, I seem to be having issues doing that. I am well beyond a week behind on my blogging. This past week was not successful for weight loss for some reason. I think there is some issues of me snacking after dinner. According to my fit pal my calories are almost spot on until after dinner. Then I end up snacking like ninety minutes before bed which really does not help my keto diet at all. I am really going to have to make some serious adjustments over the next coming week if  I am going to lose weight on the keto diet again.


Above are the weight I saw through the week on the keto diet. It has still been difficult. My daily meals remain the same for the most, three eggs for breakfast, a protein shake with olive oil for snack, chicken breast  and advocado for lunch. Then another protein shake and olive oil for a snack in the afternoon. I would come home and go to to the gym after work in the evening.  After that I would eat dinner which would be chicken or fish and some green vegetables.
Canyon Chicken Chili
To add to my weight not going back down, I am still having knee problems. Remember I hurt my knee back in September. I thought it had healed up. Well I was completely wrong with that. With the keto diet not being on track with me and my knee bothering me these weeks have been not going well.

Day 455 to 461 6/1 keto diet 1/29/2017 to 2/4/2017

I have finally had a successful week on keto again. This is the first time in awhile where I have seen some weight loss as well. It was a great week for one particular reason, that is, I started measuring food again. This is extremely important when it comes to a keto diet. Measuring food, is actually important for all diet regardless if it is a keto diet or not. Now, I did not see any drastic weight changes this week just small ones. I am just happy I am slowly getting back on track. The upcoming weeks will really tell if I am back on track. They will show if my weight starts dropping again if I am back on track.


Canyon Chicken Chili

During my Friday carb load, I tried something different. The only carbs, I added to the day were two scoops of carb 10 from MTS.  This put my total carb intake on that day to around 80 grams of carbs. I usually would eat a  bunch of potatoes or some other carbs for my carb loading. I am really trying to get my weight back down. On Saturday, I also watched my carb intake. For breakfast, I had two slices of ezkiel bread with a two tablespoons of peanut butter and 1/2 cup of oat meal with a scoop of protein. If I, continue to weight food in the upcoming weeks I should be able to see my weight starting to drop again drastically. Right now, on keto, I am aiming for 1900 calories a day due to the fact I have a physical job.


I also continued my weight lifting starting, Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday. The above, was my weight on Saturday which give me a total weigh loss for the week of just over two pounds. I will continue to carb load like I did this week.