Day 742 ketogenic diet update 11/12/2017

It is Sunday and the start of another ketogenic diet week. I was surprised how much weight I have put back on, since Friday. This is completely unacceptable on a diet. Right now I know for fact, I cannot go out to eat if this is going to work. Like I said before the ketogenic diet is very delicate and it really shows to me. Every week is new challenge and test for myself. I know if I keep at it, it will all come together and the weight will start coming back off. For now, I will continue this trial by error to see how it goes. A weekly adjustment should help me get back on track. As for now, I have still set a goal to attain by the new year. My goal is to get back down to 210 pounds.  After seeing my weight earlier I doubt this.

Now you can see why I am upset over my weight. On the ketogenic diet, I realize I need to be stricter. For breakfast, I had scrapple and eggs again.  This will be the last time I eat scrapple for a long time. Lunch came around, I had baked chicken thighs and some guacamole. In the afternoon I went to the gym and did another 1000rep workout. This time I was working out my back. Dinner came around, I had some frog legs, a chicken quarter with some broccoli. Throughout the day I had, had two protein shakes with a tablespoon of olive oil. After dinner, I had two tablespoons of peanut butter. I still want to reiterate about the body spartan workouts. These are challenging and really give you a great workout. Body spartan also has workouts designed around ketogenic diets. I insist you check them out for yourself.

Day 738 ketogenic diet update 11/8/2017

Well, I am a little surprised I dropped any weight. The ketogenic diet is tough and strict. Even with being off calorie count yesterday I was still able to lose some weight. Although my optimism is not really there for the rest of the week looking forward. For the ketogenic diet to work for fat loss things have to happen. You have to have the right calorie count. Then your macros need to be spot on as well. This means eating the correct about of carbs, proteins and healthy fats. The last thing is you need to be mentally prepared to stay on the diet. This is a huge commitment and becomes very challenging. You have read about my issues on this diet. It is true there are a lot of ups and downs to be committed on a ketogenic diet. Setting realistic goals is what dieting is all about.

The morning started out with breakfast, three and three pieces of muenster cheese. I had a snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. For lunch, I had 6 ounces of chicken and 8 tablespoons of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. Today I failed with willpower again there was left over corn muffin. I ended up eating some again.  This is what I talked about earlier having the right mindset and clearly, I did not.  I had some pork and sauerkraut for dinner. Then I had physical therapy for my knee. I later had a couple tablespoons of peanut butter hoping to bring my fats up. After today I am not expecting the rest of the week to go to well. The week is almost over. Doubtful I can salvage this diet.


Day 736 ketogenic diet update 11/6/2017

Thes past couple weeks of getting back on the ketogenic diet have been a bit challenging. It is even more difficult because of the holidays just around the corner. About 18 months ago I was on the diet and following it to the exact calorie. Right now it is just being a bit difficult to readjust back on to the diet. The real challenging is only eating 1600 calories a day or less. The one thing that I think is affecting my dieting too is my limitations in the gym. Rehabbing my knee is still affecting me. Right now, I cannot push my hardest when doing cardio. The last time I was on the ketogenic diet, I was able to push hard with cardio. For now, until I am fully recovered I am limited to the elliptical or bicycle. I have another couple months of rehab before I can really push myself.

Today my diet remained consistent to start. I had three eggs with three pieces of muenster cheese.  I had a snack of one scoop whey and one tablespoon of olive oil. The whey protein I use is low carb perfect for a ketogenic diet. For lunch, I had a 6-ounce chicken breast and 8 tablespoons of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another whey protein shake and one tablespoon of olive oil. For dinner, I had 8 baked chicken wings  Then I went to physical therapy for my knee.

After therapy, I went to the gym. I did a 1000 rep back workout. Ten exercise, 100 reps total for each exercise. This was a suggestion from Body Spartan.  This company really has there head wrapped around extremely brutal workouts. They also have exercises based on ketogenic diets which are another plus. I plan on doing these high rep workouts for twelve to sixteen weeks. By then my muscles should be really wide awake and I should be back on the diet.

Day 733 ketogenic diet update 11/3/2017

Just as I expected no more weight loss on a ketogenic diet this week. It has turned into a huge learning experience on this diet again. There are some things I need to think about for the upcoming week. One thing I need to think is proper food choice while out to eat. Another thing I learned is I need to be more proficient tracking my daily food intake. These two things can mean the difference of two pounds for the week or 6 pounds for the week. My ketogenic diet will continue to need adjusting throughout the upcoming weeks.  Eventually, I will get bored of what I eat every day for breakfast and lunch. I will have to go back to alternative food when that happens. I will have a discussion about that when it happens for me. These are just things I need to do to reach my goal.

My diet for today was all over the place, to say the least.  I woke up and had three eggs for breakfast. Then I headed to the airport to hang out. I had some popcorn up there and two chewy granola bars. This is carb loading day on the ketogenic diet remember that. By the time we left the airport we were starving. I went home and cooked some interesting Thai food. I sauteed some calamari in olive oil. While that was going on I made some cous cous.  I made a Thai peanut sauce and mixed it with the calamari after draining that pan. This was a good spicy meal, to say the least. The peanut sauce was very filling and good. After eating a small amount my wife and I were full.  I am glad I cooked instead of going out to eat for dinner.  The meal was a little filling.


After dinner, I went to the gym. I did an 800 rep chest workout. This just about destroyed my chest pushing that many reps. I am starting to work like the body spartan below check them out. I will be writing a post about them soon.

Day 732 ketogenic diet update 11/2/2017

Well, I am honestly shocked this morning. After all that messy eating the past couple days I am surprised to see more weight loss. I guess I did not mess up the ketogenic diet completely for the week. Even though the weight loss is minimal it is still weight loss. I always find the little weight loss a positive. My thought if the week is going bad is any weight loss is better than nothing. I am slowly starting to realize how difficult this will be to adjust back to a ketogenic diet. This means more thinking when going out to eat. It also means prepping more for the week. At least for me, pre-packing lunches for the week makes it easier.  I know it sounds boring but, if you want to lose weight it works for me.  So, I have a lot to figure out through the next weeks.

As far as ketogenic diet today it was almost like all other. I had three eggs for breakfast. Then I had a midmorning snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. For lunch, I had 6 ounces of chicken and 8 tablespoons of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil.  The dinner came around and I am pretty sure there will be no more weight loss for the week.  We went out to dinner and I got some wings. I ate about ten garlic parmesan wings and some onion petals. After this, I realized how bad I on a ketogenic diet for the week. I keep thinking to myself there is tomorrow and next week. I can continue this trial by error dieting. Eventually, everything will come back together as far as dieting for me.

Day 731 ketogenic diet update 11/1/2017

Well, I am in a hotel room today so I do not know if I have dropped any weight today. After what I had for dinner last night I doubt I did.  Yesterday definitely messed up the ketogenic diet for the week. At this point, I do not know if I can recover from it through the rest of the week. I have realized I just cannot go out to eat while doing this diet. Either that or I will need to pick better foods when I go out to eat. I think if I would have just gotten a caesar salad, my status on the ketogenic diet for the week would be better.  It really makes me step back and think about things. I really need to drill into my head again 1600 calories and 50 grams of carbs or less. That is what makes up a ketogenic diet to follow.

Today, at least in the morning was not much better. I am at a hotel and this means a big breakfast or multiple serving. I had a few servings of bacon and eggs. For lunch, I had 6 ounces of chicken. I had a snack of one serving of whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. After that, I forgot to track it what I ate. This is another bad thing to do on a ketogenic diet or any diet for that matter. If you track everything you eat you will be successful. You will go back and realize what you need to eat or not eat. When I am being strick I track everything on the ketogenic diet. This gives me focal points for the next week to concentrate on. So the past 48 hours have not been my best effort in weight loss. This would catch up with me.

Day 725 ketogenic diet update 10/26/2017

I have reached day 5 on my ketogenic diet reboot. During this diet, I always look forward to Fridays though. They are one of the days during the week where I can eat carbohydrates. Like I have talked about in the past, the diet is difficult for some to get used too.  Some people think depleting your system of carbohydrates would cause drastic health problems. For a healthy individual, it is completely normal to try the ketogenic diet.  I would recommend talking to a physician prior to trying any kind of diet.  I know the ketogenic diet would be extremely dangerous for a diabetic, do to ketoacidosis. This blog is just me talking about my own personal experiences on a high-fat diet.  This diet may or may not work for you. Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss or weight gain.

As expected, I have lost a little bit more weight since yesterday.  I always get excited get on the scale every morning. You really get an understanding of how the diet works after a while. For breakfast today I stuck with three eggs with 1/4 cup of cheese. I had a mid-morning snack of a scoop of whey protein and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around, I had six ounces of chicken and 100 grams of guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of one scoop whey protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. When dinner came around I had 8 ounces of tilapia and broccoli. I also some siracha sauce with the fish. This added some extra fat since the sauce was canola-based mayonnaise which is a lot healthier other mayonnaise. My total calories for the day were about 1650. Remember a ketogenic diet is based on the healthy fat intake with extremely low carbs.  I look forward to tomorrow.

Day 724 ketogenic diet update 10/25/2017

The weight continues slowly come off of me this week. Today is day four of my ketogenic diet reboot. Let me recap what the ketogenic diet actually is to start. This diet is high-fat low carb moderate protein diet.  To be consistent on a ketogenic diet, 60 to 70 percent of your daily caloric calories need to be from healthy fats.  I am not talking about eating pounds of bacon like an Atkins diet suggests. The diet I am talking about concentrates on omega 3 healthy fats like from salmon, avocado, and nuts. Like most diet everything is in moderation. I still continue count calories every day. For this diet to work, the macros are the most important part. 60-70 percent healthy fats, 50 net carbohydrates a day and moderate protein. I will talk about net carbs another day and explain how that works.


Like I said the weight slowly starts to come off once you cut the carbs out your diet.  Every week on the ketogenic diet it really amazes me, how my body reacts to the lack of carbohydrates. Today for breakfast I had three eggs and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese. Then I had my normal morning snack of one scoop of weigh from MTS and tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch came around I had 6 ounces of chicken and 100 grams guacamole. In the afternoon I had another snack of whey protein and a tablespoon of olive oil. For dinner, I had lettuce wraps with ground turkey and also had some peanuts as a snack.  My total calories for the day were 1579, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 99 grams of fat and 151 grams of protein. Broken down even further, breakfast was 310 calories, lunch was 270 calories, both snacks together were 544 calories and dinner was 455 calories. The ketogenic diet is all about calories and counting the macros every day.


Day 722 keto diet update 10/23/2017

Well, I have survived through day 2 of my keto reboot. As expected I have started to drop weight already. This could be just water loss do the fact I was bloated from the weekend. I am not going to get too excited as this is only day two.  It is still a very far away from my goal weight 180 pounds. At some point, I may see the light at the end of the tunnel within the next couple months. On top of the weight loss, I must also remind you that I am still rehabbing my right knee. I know I have at least another three months of this until I can be 100 percent or as close to that as possible.  That seems like it is even further away because of how long I have been dealing with this injury.

For breakfast, I had three eggs with 1/4 cup of cheese. Then for lunch, I had 4 ounces of chicken thighs and about 105 grams of guacamole. I had two snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These consisted of one scoop of protein and one tablespoon of olive oil. Dinner came around I had 8 ounces of tilapia and some chickpeas that were sauteed in olive oil. I also had some rotisserie chicken. My calories were 1864, 35 carbohydrates, 111 grams of fat and 174 grams of protein.


If you are looking help with keto weightlifting exercise you can check out Body Spartan.  Gabe Huft is the owner of this fantastic product. He is a former WWE wrestler and he is peak physical condition. If you check out Body Spartan you will find that all kinds of individuals have joined for healthy lifestyle changes. They help build programs around keto too.  If you are looking to see dramatic changes for the better of your life check the link out.






Day 441 to 447 6/1 keto diet 1/15/2017 to 1/21/2017

Well as promised, I am doing a weekly update for my keto diet. As expected it has been extremely slow getting restarted on my keto diet. This week was very rough to say the least. I started out the week at 226 pounds and saw some weight loss through the rest of the week. Being back on a consistent diet is going to be difficult to re-establish. Through out the day, my diet was perfect. After, dinner I noticed myself snacking on saltines. This obviously means I did not go into keto at all this past week. Sunday started out pretty well, but then led to snacking on crackers. This is going to be extremely difficult for me to get back on. I, am thinking it will be at least another three weeks before I can get back on this diet and start seeing weight loss.

   Caldera Chicken Curry

So, at the end of the week I was down to 219 pounds. This all changed after my carb loading day. I came home extremely hungry on Friday. Instead of going straight to the gym, I went straight to the kitchen. This was a bad idea, I ended up pigging out on pita chips and whatever else I could find in the kitchen. Saturday was not too bad, I actually made it to the gym and had great workout. I was there for almost two hours, lifting and doing cardio. The diet seemed to be okay for a saturday evening but the scale in the morning that day said different about my keto carb loading day.

The keto diet is going more challenging to get back on the diet than starting it over a year ago. With some little adjustments in eating again, I know I can succeed. These next couple weeks will prove to be extremely challenging for myself to get back on track.