Weight loss progress

This separate page will be for keto weight loss. I will post weight in 10 pound increments. The progress I hope will motivate others for fitness and weight loss. This will also help keep me focused so I do not gain weight again. The keto diet does work if it is done properly and with eating the correct amount of fats and other macro nutrients. If you are thinking of trying a keto diet, please contact a health care professional.

Hey please check out my latest video blogs. Keep checking back I’ll be posting regularly. I will add comparison at 20lbs, 30lbs, etc as well. Below is me starting at 243.6lbs 11/2015

Side VIew Back View Front View

Here I am at 222.8 lbs 2/2016

Side VIew Back View Front View

212.8 lbs 4/27/2016


203 lbs 7/29/2016

203 keto 203 keto 203 keto








Day 3 6/1 keto diet

Day 24 6/1 keto diet

Day 67 6/1 keto diet

Day 89 6/1 keto diet

Day 151 6/1 keto diet